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dc.creatorDjaja, Sarimawar
dc.creatorSoemantri, Soeharsono
dc.creatorSiregar, Kemal N.
dc.identifierDjaja, Sarimawar and Soemantri, Soeharsono and Siregar, Kemal N. (1996) Pola Penyakit Sebab Kematian di Jawa–Bali Berdasarkan Survei Kesehatan Rumah Tangga 1995. Buletin Penelitian Kesehatan, 24 (4). ISSN 0125-9695
dc.descriptionIn Indonesia, the National Household Health Survey (SKRT) is still the main source of information on causes of death, which is now integrated with the National Socio Economic Survey (Susenas). The SKRT uses technique ofverbal autopsy with open questions then classifies the diseases using ICD 10. There were 1719 cases obtained with 97,8% response rate of deaths reported by Susenas to the SKRT. Eventhough there are some limitations, the 1995 SKRT using proportion analysis is able to show the pattern of cause of death. The pattern in Java-Bali shows the current trend of epidemiologic transition the changing pattern of infectious diseases towards degenerative diseases. For the first time the 1995 SKRT reveals the replacement of dominant infectious diseases by circulatory (cardio as well as cerebrovascular) diseases. The SKRT observation in the period of 1980 - 1995 shows that the transition has happened with rapid trend compared to the England and Wales experience. Yet infectious diseases are still the important cause of death particularly among young age groups and population in the rural areas. Circulatory diseases do not affect only the old age groups but the productive age groups as well. The circulatory diseases can not be disregarded in the rural areas. This condition affects both sexes male and female. Maternal together with perinatal diseases are still quite substantial causes of death
dc.publisherBadan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan
dc.subjectWA 900-950 Statistics. Surveys
dc.titlePola Penyakit Sebab Kematian di Jawa–Bali Berdasarkan Survei Kesehatan Rumah Tangga 1995

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