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dc.creatorHandayani, Sarwo
dc.creatorPrijanto, Muljati
dc.creatorSiburian, Farida
dc.creatorMariani, Siti
dc.identifierHandayani, Sarwo and Prijanto, Muljati and Siburian, Farida and Mariani, Siti (2004) Penggunaan Kertas Saring untuk Pemeriksaan Titer Antibodi Meningitis Meningokokus Serogrup A dan C pada Jamaah Haji. Media Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan, 14 (2). ISSN 0853-9987
dc.descriptionMeningococcal disease often cause outbreak especially for Haj pilgrims who returned from Saudi Arabia. Nasopharynegal swab and blood usually that the disease are caused by meningococcal meningitis. Immunization with serogroup A-C meningococcal meningitis vaccine was already given to haj pilgrims to prevent meningococcal disease since 1988, and it was replaced by serogroup A-C-Y-W135 vaccine since 2002, after the founding of serogroup W135 meningococcal carriers. The obstacles of sample collection are the sending of the blood spesimen because of long distance to laboratory and unavaible of cold chain. The alternative awy to collect the vlods is by using the filter paper due to less volume of blood and no cold temperature for keeping thus specimen. The objectives study is to compare antibody titer of meningococcal meningitis serogroup A and C between filter paper, and blood tube as standard procedure for blood collecting. Sample weres haj pilgrims who returned from Saudi Arabia. Antibody titer was determined by ELISA. The result shows no significant difference of antibody titer for meningococcal meningitis serogroup A between filter paper and blood tube. The diffrencent titer for meingococcal meningitis serogroup C is due to unstability of this bacteria and no standard procedure to measure it yet. It meningitis antibody testing is suggested to develop standard procedure for meningococcal meningitis serogroups C antibody and the other groups.
dc.publisherBadan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan
dc.subjectWC 195-425 Infection. Bacterial Infections
dc.titlePenggunaan Kertas Saring untuk Pemeriksaan Titer Antibodi Meningitis Meningokokus Serogrup A dan C pada Jamaah Haji

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