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dc.creatorIsmoedijanto, Ismoedijanto
dc.identifierIsmoedijanto, Ismoedijanto (2002) Measles : Reassessment of Current Problems. Project Report. Perpustakaan Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan.
dc.descriptionMeasles still accounts for 10% of global mortality from all causes among children < 5 years and compose approximately 800.000 deaths annually. This represent of 50% deaths annually caused by vaccine-preventable disease in childhood. The high mortality and morbidity of measles arise from the nature and the highly contagious character of the disease. There are two main problems in measles, clinical and epidemiological side, including the possibility to eradicate measles globally. A patient with rash well present grave responsibility to the doctor, since rashes of various exanthematous disease are so similar in appearance and an error in diagnosis may have a profound effect on the patient, the contacts and the community. The immunosupression by the virus and acute or late clinical complications are responsible for the high mortality of case. Mortality can be prevented by means of immunization. Failure to deliver doses of measles vaccine to all infants are remain primary reason for high measles mortality. The similarity in concept of eradication and surveillance of measles and poliomyelitis had shed a light in reduction in Indonesia; we should step into the eradication of measles in Indonesia. Measles Acute Exanthematous Disease Surveillance Outbreak Investigation Eradication
dc.publisherPerpustakaan Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan
dc.titleMeasles : Reassessment of Current Problems

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