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dc.creatorYuwono, Siti Sundari
dc.identifierYuwono, Siti Sundari (2008) Menerjemahkan Hasil Penelitian Kedalam Kebijakan Dan Pelayanan Kesehatan.
dc.descriptionThis paper describes the method used to transfer the research result into policy and practice using the conceptual framework developed by Hanney S.R. including the pro-cess to write Policy Memoranda and the dissemination of end research product using Policy Memorandum as an input into policy and practice. There are three process to transferring research into policy and practise, namely 1) identification of client?s need on information and identification of the capacity to use the research product into practice, 2) designing and implementing the appropriate and feasible research strategy, 3) communicating and disseminating the important research recommendation to policy makers. The process of transferring research into policy required two interfaces and six stadio. The interface A is composed of research activities including the health policy research which end product is the research report. The Interface B accommodates the systematic review of policy analysis to produce recommendation for policy and practice. The importance of quality, balance of benefits as well as downsides/harms- burdens and cost of evidences were substantially discussed.The success of transferring research into policy and practice will depend on the research plan, implementation and dissemination of the result. The involvement of stake-holder in research should occurred at all stadio and interfaces starting from identifying the topic, desinging the method and end up in the dissemination process.
dc.publisherPusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pemberantasan Penyakit
dc.subjectW 84-85.5 Health Services. Patients and Patient Advocacy
dc.titleMenerjemahkan Hasil Penelitian Kedalam Kebijakan Dan Pelayanan Kesehatan

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