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dc.creatorPutro, Gurendro
dc.creatorSari, Prima Kartika
dc.identifierPutro, Gurendro and Sari, Prima Kartika (2010) Analisis Tingkat Kepuasan Pelanggan Poli Umum Di Majapahit Medical Center (MMC) Lamongan. Media Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan, 20 (3). ISSN 0853-9987
dc.descriptionCostumer satisfaction is one of the costumer loyality factors. After seeing health-service-data in MMC Lamongan shows that general polyclinic has tendency for decreasing visitors about -165 from 2003 until 2006. From those data, need to do research about satisfaction of health service in general polyclinic MMC Lamongan. Design research has cross sectional observation characteristic by use satisfaction theory from Dabholkar that?s composed of five points, there are physical aspect, reliability, personal interaction, problem solving, and policy. The research?s result shows that costumer satisfaction of medical service has strong value in physical aspect and problem solving. In the other hand, costumer satisfaction in supporting-and-non-supporting medical service has strong value in personal interaction. All customers have loyality in MMC Lamongan?s service. The conclusion shows customer satisfaction is one of the important aspect for increase health service quality, so it?s expected costumer always use meritorious service given by MMC Lamongan.
dc.publisherBadan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan
dc.subjectW 84-85.5 Health Services. Patients and Patient Advocacy
dc.titleAnalisis Tingkat Kepuasan Pelanggan Poli Umum Di Majapahit Medical Center (MMC) Lamongan

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