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dc.contributorDwi Fajar
dc.creatorAgustina Resti Handayani
dc.date24 April 2015
dc.descriptionDisability is a term for physical disruption which happened among group of people. The limitations can affect daily life in their neighborhood and workplace. Therefore, it suggested to use an aids to replace its own body which suffered disability. So, the user using this aids which are protese and ortese can continue their lives without being different. This research was aimed to know if there is relationship of patient using this extremity aids with depression scale of disability patient at integrated rehabilitation program in Rehabilitation Center Of Ministry Of Defence 2014. This research methodology was using analytics observational with cross sectional approach. ADL (Activity Daily Living) questioner used in this research to know the successful of using aids and BDI (Beck Depression Inventory) questioner to know the depression scale. There were 43 sample used in this research. The result using Chisquare show that there is a significant relationship between two variables (p=0.008). The conclusion in this research is that patient with psychical disability using aids can lower the depression scale.
dc.publisherMedical Knowledge Center, FK UPNVJ
dc.relationKedokteran Matra
dc.rightsFakultas Kedokteran UPNVJ
dc.sourceBuku, Jurnal dan Artikel Ilmiah
dc.titleHubungan Keberhasilan Penggunaan Alat bantu Ekstremitas Dengan Derajat Depresi Pada Penyandang Disabilitas Fisik Program Rehabilitasi Terpadu Di Pusat Rehabilitasi Kementerian Pertahanan Tahun 2014

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