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      Cadmium concentration; farmland soil; farmland water [1]
      Candidate; certified care worker; Japan – Indonesia [1]
      Cardiovascular disease; diabetes mellitus; dyslipidemia; hypertension; physical activities; smoking [1]
      case detection rate; modal sosial; partisipasi masyarakat; tuberkulosis; social capital; community participation; tuberculosis [1]
      Cervical cancer, duration of using, age og marriage, parity, hormonal contraception [1]
      Cervical cancer; health promotion; inspection of visual acetate [1]
      Childbirth process; extrovert personality type; prolonged second stage of labor [1]
      Children, exposure, household contact, tuberculosis [1]
      Children; malnutrition; rebon shrimp powder; supplementary food [1]
      children; parental control; parental support; smoking; tobacco; anak; kontrol orang tua; dukungan orang tua; merokok; tembakau [1]
      Civil servants; fairness; good corporate governance; performance; transparency [1]
      Collaborative governance; efektivitas; pelayanan komprehensif berkesinambungan; penanggulangan HIV/AIDS [1]
      college students; hypertension; students; mahasiswa; hipertensi; pelajar [1]
      Communication of parents; sexual behavior; sexual content intake; teenagers [1]
      Communication; education; family planning; information; media; prevalence of family planning [1]
      Compliance; food packaging labels; housewives [1]
      Composting; earthworm, organic waste [1]
      Concentration index; equity; health insurance; multinomial logit [1]
      Condom use, female sex workers, sexually transmitted infection [1]
      consumption; exposure; fresh vegetables; microbiological hazards; sanitation; street stalls [1]