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      ability to pay; need assessment; pembiayaan kesehatan; talasemia; willingness to pay; health financing; thalassemia [1]
      Acceptance; health insurance; medical resume [1]
      ACE inhibitor; hipertensi; persistensi; ACE inhibitors; hypertension; persistence [1]
      Acute respiratory infection; behavior; environmental sanitation; health care [1]
      adiksi; komorbiditas; narkoba; addiction; comorbidity; drugs [1]
      Adolescent knowledge and skill; refuse drugs; characteristic [1]
      Adolescent mother, breastfeeding, family, support [1]
      Adolescent pregnancy, infant health index, Indonesia, maternal health index [1]
      Adolescent, Attitude, Behaviour, HIV/AIDS Prevention. [1]
      Adolescent, overweight, obesity, BMI, hypertension [1]
      Adolescent; attitude; HIV/AIDS prevention; knowledge [1]
      Adolescent; cigarette; excise; price; tobacco [1]
      Adolescent; junk food; nutritional status; overweight [1]
      Adolescent; peer group; psychosocial determinant; risky sexual behavior [1]
      Adult; Indonesia; smoking; social determinant of health; tobacco [1]
      Adults; Diabetic Comorbidity; Diabetic Patients; Obesity [1]
      adverse drug event; computerized physician order entry; persepsi pengguna; keselamatan pasien; peresepan; end-user perception; patient safety; prescription [1]
      Aedes aegypti; air perasan jeruk manis; larvasida; Aedes aegypti; sweet orange peel juice; larvicides [1]
      Aedes aegypti; Demam Berdarah Dengue; surveilans; Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever; surveillance [1]
      Aedes aegypti; DEN-2 virus; humidity; temperature; transovarial; virus DEN-2; kelembaban; suhu [1]