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dc.creatorAstuti, Endang Puji; Loka Litbang P2B2 Ciamis, Badan Litbangkes
dc.creatorR.E.S, Roy Nusa; Loka Litbang P2B2 Ciamis, Badan Litbangkes
dc.descriptionAbstracts. Aedes aegypti is the main vector of dengue fever that is still become health problem in the world. Various control efforts has been done at several areas through chemically or naturally control. Developing mosquitoes trapping tool is an alternative method to control mosquitoes besides insecticides utilization. This laboratorium research utilize sugar fermen ted process to yield CO2 as one of attractan to mosquito. Production of ethanol and CO2 can be yielded from anaerob sugar ferm en ta tion proccess (without O2) by khamir Saccharomyces cerevisiae activities. The trapped mosquitoes was observed up to 48 hours exposure, the highest average of mosquito trapped is on solution treatment with yeast 1 gram (43.2%) and 40 gr sugar (48.4%). The highest effectivity oftrapping tool both inside or outside was on the 14th day. There were declained amount of trapped mosquitos on 16th and 18th days. This laboratorium research has described that trapping tool with sugar fermented solution were effective to control population of dengue vector.Keywords: trapping, sugar fermentation, Aedes aegyptiid-ID
dc.publisherMinistry of Health Republic of Indonesia, NIHRDen-US
dc.sourceAspirator : Jurnal Penelitian Penyakit Tular Vektor; Vol 3, No 1 (2011)id-ID
dc.sourceASPIRATOR - Jurnal Penelitian Penyakit Tular Vektor (Journal of Vector-borne Diseases Studies); Vol 3, No 1 (2011)en-US
dc.titleEfektifitas Alat Perangkap (Trapping) Nyamuk Vektor Demam Berdarah Dengue dengan Fermentasi Gulaid-ID

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