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dc.creatorRizka Reziana Irdanian
dc.descriptionMeasurement of the efficiency of the use of the bed ( TT ) takes fourparameters: BOR, AvLOS, TOI, BTO. Hospital Ungaran in class III number ofbeds provided by 55 the number of patients go in 3761 and 3599.The purpose of the study patients out to determine the efficiency of the use of thebed by Graph Barber Johnson at third class hospital wards Ungaran 2015.This type of research is descriptive . The study population was arecapitulation of daily inpatient census of 2015 by the sampling technique issaturated sampling technique . Data collection methods used were observation andinterviews . Analysis of descriptive data.BOR Value highest Perinatal ward 107.3 %, the highest value on MawarWard AvLOS roses with a time of 5.7 days, the value of the highest TOI MawarWard and Melati Ward with a time of 0.9 days, and the highest value onFlamboyan Ward BTO by 126.8 times in one year. Analysis of the efficiency ofthe use of the bed by Graph Barber Johnson that the third class wards in hospitalsUngaran yet efficient.Based on the results of this study concluded that the use of a bed in a wardof class III in 2015 in Ungaran Hospitals are inefficient. To optimize theefficiency of the use of the beds, the need for the policy of the hospital to add bedson Flamboyan Ward and Ward Perinatal.
dc.descriptionxvii, 28 Cm
dc.formatTugas Akhir DIII
dc.publisherProdi DIII Rekam Medis dan Informasi Kesehatan Semarang POLTEKKES KEMENKES SEMARANG
dc.subjectAnalisis Efesiensi
dc.titleAnalisis Efesiensi Penggunaan Tempat Tidur Berdasarkan Grafik Barber Johnson Pada Bangsal Kelas III Tahun 2015 di RSUD Ungaran

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