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dc.creatorInes Dwi Aryani
dc.descriptionDistrict General Hospital Ungaran is one of the agencies of local goverment owned health care, the results of a introduction study at District General Hospital Ungaran officer In-patient coding numbered 1 person and perform activities encoding an average of 60 medical record document of daily, officer In-patient coding able to perform activities of daily encoding less than 50 document. This causes the coding activities conducted outside of working hours and assisted by trained medical recorder another so as not to impact on the delay reimbursment, in addition to conducting coding, officer coding also doubles as head of the medical record installation. The purpose of this study is knowing the result analysis of planning needs officers in-patient coding method WISN at district general hospital ungaran and can be used as a decision making or policy for the management of the District General Hospital Ungaran.The kind of research is descriptive qualitatif. The Data collection method that is observation of the activities of in-patient coding personnel, structured interview and study documentation.The results available working time is calculated using formula WISN with the result of 270 working days, available working time 1.539 hours/year, 6 hours/year. Standard annual workload for officers require coding 33.287,67 minute for one year. Number of officer In-patient coding needs using the formula WISN is 1 person.
dc.descriptionxiii, 51 P,; 28 cm
dc.formatTugas Akhir DIII
dc.publisherProdi DIII Rekam Medis dan Informasi Kesehatan Semarang POLTEKKES KEMENKES SEMARANG
dc.subjectOfficers Coding
dc.subjectMetode Worload Indocator Of Staffing
dc.titleAnalisis Perencanaan Kebutuhan Tenaga Koding Rawat Inap menggunakan Metode Worload Indocator Of Staffing Need (WISN) di RSUD Ungaran

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