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dc.creatorElisa Widyawati Putri
dc.descriptionIn the RSUD Kota Semarang retention of inpatient medical record documenthas been delayed. Increased the new inpatient medical records document causesthe officers busy to arrange it in the racks without regard to retention in-activedocument. In addition, there are the officers who came instead of graduatemedical records. Jadwal Retensi Arsip as a guide to retention the document hasnot been made and the room to save the in-active document is narrow. Purpose ofthe research is to identify the factors causing delays retention of inpatient medicalrecord document in RSUD Kota Semarang.Type of the research is survey descriptive with cross sectional study usingquestionnaires and observation. The instrument used is questionnaire andchecklist. The research was performed in a filling room of RSUD Kota Semarangin February to June 2016. Analysis data is univariate analysis.Based on the results of research in RSUD Kota Semarang who graduatedfrom D III RMIK only one. Knowledge of the officers is minus. Officer whoattended training is only one person. Minus knowledge cause the officers notunderstand and not competent in retention process. Besides the limitations officerand bustle of officers in preparing for accreditation also be a factor in the delayof retention. Infrastructures like a Jadwal Retensi Arsip has not been made, thespace between two racks is not according to the standards and the room to savethe in-active document is narrow. Extra storage space is also yet to be realizedbecause of the budget that does not exist.
dc.descriptionxiv, 55 P.; 28 cm
dc.formatTugas Akhir DIII
dc.publisherProdi DIII Rekam Medis dan Informasi Kesehatan Semarang POLTEKKES KEMENKES SEMARANG
dc.subjectfiling hospitalization
dc.subjectRetensi Dokumen
dc.titleFaktor-faktor Penyebab Keterlambatan Retensi Dokumen Rekam Medis Pasien Rawat Inap di RSUD Kota Semarang

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