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dc.descriptionCervical radiculopathy is a pathology associated with cervical nerve can be caused by intraspinal tumors and arteriovenous fistule or tortuous vertebral arteries. The difference of sequances used between theory and sequances in Radiology Installation of Saiful Anwar Hospital Malang. The purpose of this researcher is to know the examination procedure, to know the reason only using the pulse sequances (TSE), and to know the diagnostic information.The type of research is qualitative research with case study approach. Tis study This study was conducted by observation, interview, and documentation. The subject of this study were the respondents including three radiology doctors, two radiographers, one sending doctor and one cervical radiculopathy patient. Data were analyzed descriptively.The results showed that the examination procedure included the preparation of the tool and the preparation of the patient. Cervical MRI probe protocol in case of radiculopathy using survey (TR / TE: 687/13 ms, NSA 1mm, 13 slices), T2W_PSS_sag and T1W_PSS (TR / TE: 687/13 ms, 13 slices), T2W_Ax (TR / TE: 3000 / 80 ms, 35 slices), T2W_FS_sag (TR / TE: 3862 / 80ms, 13 slices), T2W_FLAIR (6000/120 ms), Myelo (TR / TE: 2471/778 ms, 50 slices). The use of TSE sequences, because in cases tcervical radiculopathy no bleeding so do not use the GRE sequence. The resulting diagnostic information is sufficient to establish the diganosa seen from the conclusions of radiology physician reading and the sequences used to show the pathology.Keyword : Cervical radiculopathy, MRI examination of cervical
dc.description6 hlm
dc.formatJurnal Ilmiah
dc.publisherDIV TRR semarang
dc.subjectMRI cervical, cervical radiculopathy

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