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dc.creatorDini Sukmawati
dc.descriptionChildhood morbidity, especially toddlers was known by the number ofcases of Pulmonary 8,59%, Pneumonia 3,55%, diarrhea 3,5%, measles 25,4%,diphtheria 28,2% (Ministry of Health RI, 2016). The government's effort inreducing the infant mortality rate was the vitamin A provision.This research analysed of correlation factors to nutritional status ofToddler in Working Area Public Health Kedungwuni II Pekalongan Regency.This research have done in working area Public Health Kedungwuni IIPekalongan Regency. The corresponding research design used descriptivecorrelation with cross sectional approach. Population were mothers of toddlers inworking area Public Health Kedungwuni II Pekalongan Regency in Mei 2017 asmany as 90 toddlers. The technique of sampling used proportional randomsampling. The instrument of data collecting used questionnaire.The result of the study suggested there was not correlation of educationlevel to nutritional status of toddler with ? value: 0,429. There were correlationemployment (? value: 0,006) and knowledge (? value: 0,002) to nutritional statusof toddler.From the results of this study was expected to improve health provisionhealth education through counseling on posyandu activities about nutrition oftoddlers so that mothers can pay attention to nutrition fulfillment of toddlers.
dc.descriptionxiii + 59 hal + 15 tabel + 2 gambar + 5 lampiran
dc.formatSkripsi D IV
dc.publisherProdi DIV Kebidanan Semarang POLTEKKES KEMENKES SEMARANG
dc.subjectEducation Level
dc.subjectNutritional status
dc.titleAnalisis Faktor yang Berhubungan dengan Status Gizi Balita di WilayahPuskesmas Kedungwuni II Kabupaten Pekalongan

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