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dc.creatorM. Choiroel Anwar, SKM, M.Kes
dc.creatorRini Indrati
dc.creatorAri Suwondo
dc.creatorDjamaluddin Ramlan
dc.descriptionABSTRACTBackgroundOne disadvantage CT Scan Stonography is generated imagery has a high noise level. Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASIR) is the latest in image reconstruction method to minimize noise and improve anatomical information of CT Scan. CT Scan image display is also influenced by the setting Windowing.ObjectiveAssessing optimization ASIR and Windowing on image of CT Scan Stonography to value optimal anatomical information of CT Scan Stonography.MethodsThe type of this study was quasi experimental with the post test only design. Samples of study about 10 samples in each treatment group implementation of the application ASIR with Windowing. Assessment anatomical information is conducted independenly by two radiologists, analyzed by using the Kruskal Wallis test and continuing with Mann Whitney test.ResultsThere were difference between image anatomical information (p value < 0,001) after the application of ASIR and windowing.ConclusionThe use combination of ASIR 40% with WW350 and WL64 is the most optimal for the image anatomical information on the image of CT Scan Stonography with mean rank 89,75.RecommendationApplication of percentage ASIR 40% with WW350;WL64 at the image of CT Scan Stonography can be used to generate the most optimal image quality and anatomical information.
dc.descriptionpage 941-946
dc.formatJurnal Ilmiah
dc.publisherCouncil of Scientific and Industrial Research
dc.subjectImage Anatomical Information
dc.subjectCT Scan Stonography
dc.titleApplication of ASIR and Windowing to Image Anatomical Information of CT Scan Stonography

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