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dc.descriptionBackground:Retarded child experienced dental and oral health problems arehigher than normal children caused can not perform independent activitybehavior of dental and oral health maintenance skills especially brushing yourteeth. Proper behavior-change strategy is to provide dental health educationmethods and instructional media tailored to the needs of children mentalretardation, dental health education during this time are still using the samemedia used for normal children. Widi's media model 3D puzzle gosgimodifications made specifically for the learning undertaken by children withmentally retarded in groups accompanied by teachers special school.Aim: Produce widi's media model 3D puzzle modification gosgi as improvingthe skills of children with mentally retarded brushing teeth.Methods: Research and Development (R & D) and test the model usingexperimental quasy pretest and posttest with control group design. Researchsubjects is teacher special school and retarded children were divided into 2groups: 1. Intervention widi's media model 3D puzzle modification gosgi for 5days and 2. Media video and demonstration of tooth brushing as a control.Variables include: the behavior of the teacher and the dependent variable: theindex debris and skills of children brushing their teeth. Data were tested usingthe test correlation intraclass coefficient, normality, paired, independent,ANOVA, wilcoxon, and man whitney.Result:Widi's puzzle relevant as indicated dental health education media valueof p
dc.description228 p.
dc.publisherMagister Terapis Gigi dan Mulut
dc.subjectBrushing teeth skill
dc.subjectWidi's puzzle
dc.subjectChildren with mentally retarded

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