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dc.creatorBarita Yuliandha
dc.descriptionact of extracting teeth is one of the most widely performed oral surgery in hospitals and health centers. The dentist will give some instructions to the patient about things to do and avoid after the patient has received the tooth extraction procedure. Based on the study of 59 patients, there were 39% or 23 children who had extracted deciduous teeth that did not adhere to the instructions given after the extraction, where 11 children always spat, 8 people held scars, 4 children asked for continuous gargling. This study aims to determine the effect of patient adherence after decidual tooth extraction on the length of wound healing at the Duren Bandungan Health Center Semarang Regency.The technique in sampling in this study was total sampling, the research sample in this case was patients who came to deciduous tooth extraction in Semarang Duren Bandungan Health Center on March 2019. Independent variables in this study were patient compliance and the dependent variable was the length of wound healing.The results showed that the level of patient compliance with instructions given by the officer after decidui tooth extraction was 71.7% with a wound healing time of 0-3 days, in patients stated in the non-adherent category 23.1% experienced relatively long wound healing, namely 3 -5 days. The results of this study can be concluded that there is a relationship between patient adherence to instructions after deciduous tooth extraction with the length of wound healing, with a p-value of 0.004.Dental policemen need to improve communication and provide clear intructions.
dc.descriptionxiii+ 34 hlm.: Bibl.; 29 cm
dc.formatSkripsi D IV
dc.publisherProdi DIV Keperawatan Gigi Semarang POLTEKKES KEMENKES SEMARANG
dc.subjectadherence and length of healing
dc.subjectdeciduous tooth extraction
dc.titlePengaruh Kepatuhan Pasien Pasca Pencabutan Gigi Decidui terhadap Lamanya Penyembuhan Luka di Puskesmas Duren Bandungan Kabupaten Semarang

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