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dc.creatorSri Widatiningsih
dc.descriptionBackground: In Banyumas District, Central Java, Indonesia the number of HIV / AIDS cases from 1993 to September 2015 was ranked 3rd in Central Java with 732 cases. At Health Community Center, there are 462 thousand pregnant women in 2016. From those figures, 247 people have undergone HIV / AIDS test while the rest of 215 pregnant women simply ignore the test.The Objective: The purpose of this study to determine the determinants of pregnant women's behavior to test HIV / AIDS.Method: The research was conducted at Health Community Center (in Indonesia is known Puskesmas) Baturaden I using cross-sectional approach. The study population is 56 pregnant women. The sampling technique uses total sampling, and the questionnaire is used to collect the data.Result: The result of the study showed that there was a correlation between knowledge of the behavior of pregnant women on HIV test (p = 0.008). Also, there was a correlation between attitude and the behavior of pregnant women on HIV test (p = 0.000), and there was a relationship of husband support with the conduct of the pregnant women on HIV test = 0.043). There is no relationship between age, education, employment, and officer support with the behavior of pregnant women on HIV testing.Conclusion: The results of the research can be used as an input material for the related officers to provide more information about HIV / AIDS to the wider community through health cadres, and for other researchers to extend the respondent characteristics.
dc.description6 p.
dc.formatArtikel Dosen
dc.publisherARC Journal of Public Health and Community Medicine
dc.titleHIV-AIDS Mitigating Case Paradox in Indonesia Small Town; Reluctance of Pregnant Women Undergoing the Screening

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