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dc.identifierSUINDRI, NI NYOMAN (2015) Reviewer Penerapan Teknis Nafas pada Ibu Bersalin Berpengaruh terhadap Ambang Nyeri dalam Persalinan Kala I. [Dataset]
dc.descriptionAbstract. Breathing technique is a non-pharmacological techniques which used to reduce pain, especially in labor, this research aimed tu determine the differences between chilg-birth mrs groups who do yoga breathing techniques with other group which mothers used breathing techniques conventional. This research was pre-experimental type, static group comparison. Population in this study was all women that giving giving birt in the health senter dauh Puri, Midwiferu clinik GIV and GT. Sampling with consecutive sampling technique. The member of samples that meet the inclusion criteria was 32 respondents, 16 treatment groups and 16 control groups. The result of the data by normality dataset show the first stage of labor pains active phase of opening <10 cm 8 cm not normal so analyzed using test man whitney , the result of the analysis found significant differences in labor pain on opening >8cm-10cm (0.016), duration of avtive phase of the first stage (0.001), while the length of second stage aanalysis showed no significant different (0.611) between the treatment and control groups. The reusl of the analysis using T test, found no significant difference (0.871) at the opening of labor pain 4 cm-8cm between the treatment groups and control groups. The result showed the breath effect on pain and duration of first stage labour. Keyword: breathing technique; labor paint
dc.publisherJurnal Skala Husada
dc.subjectRG Gynecology and obstetrics
dc.titleReviewer Penerapan Teknis Nafas pada Ibu Bersalin Berpengaruh terhadap Ambang Nyeri dalam Persalinan Kala I

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