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dc.identifierSUINDRI, NI NYOMAN (2015) Reviewer Pengaruh Stigma terhadap Keikutsertaan Ibu Hamil Dalam Voluntary Caunceling Testing (VCT). [Dataset]
dc.descriptionAbstract: Voluntary Counseling Testing (VCT) services has higher priority because of HIV/AIDS epidemic in Indonesia is growing faster. HIV have some impact to mother and her child or children such as social stigma, discrimination , morbidity and maternal mortality. The aim of this study are finding out the effect of stigma to the participation of pregnancy mothers in VCT service. This study used analytic correlation method using a cross sectional design. The subjects consisted of 54 pregnant mothers who participated VCT service in Puskesmas Sawan I in November to December 2013. The data collected with a structured interview guide and were anazyzed by fisher exact test. The result showed that there was very significant effect of stigma on participation of the pregnant mother in VCT service Puskesmas sawan I with p<0.01. based on thus finding can be concluded that most of patrticipants fell no stigma and willing to joint VCT, there significant influence between stigma with participation of pregnant mother to VCT. Therefore suggested that frekuency ang quality of communication, information and education mustbe more intensively, support from the heath worker end community about the imfortance of VCT topregnant mother must be enhancing Keyword: stigma; pregnant mother; HV-AIDS; VCT
dc.subjectRG Gynecology and obstetrics
dc.titleReviewer Pengaruh Stigma terhadap Keikutsertaan Ibu Hamil Dalam Voluntary Caunceling Testing (VCT)

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