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dc.identifierSUINDRI, NI NYOMAN (2017) Reviewer Hubungan Dukungan Suami dengan Bounding Attachment pada Ibu Nifas Sectio Caesarea (SC). [Dataset]
dc.descriptionAbstract. Sectio caesarea birt procces can cause interference to the mother childbirth. Mother who gave birth to section often difficult to make early contact with the babyimmediatlt after birth. Support from people around especially the husband will help in the face of changing labor mainly due to childbirth section. The purpose of this study is to knowing the relationship with the husband’s support in puerperal women bounding post attachments section saecarea. The numberof respondens as many as 46 people. The result showed that majority of new mathers who received support from the husband has an attachment bounding values in both categories as much as 76%, 24% in the moderate category,and no one is the category of less. Postpartum women who do not have the support of husband as good bounding value of 9.5%, as many as 42 medium category, nine percent and as much as 47.6% less category. From the data analysis in can be statedthere is relationship between a husband with bounding attachment support in puerperal women in the poastpartum post SC in hospital buleleng. Keyword: husband support; bounding attachment; post section saecarea
dc.publisherJurnal Ilmiah Kebidanan
dc.subjectRG Gynecology and obstetrics
dc.titleReviewer Hubungan Dukungan Suami dengan Bounding Attachment pada Ibu Nifas Sectio Caesarea (SC)

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