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dc.creatorMulyantoro, Donny Kristanto; Balai Litbang GAKI
dc.creatorNurcahyani, Yusi Dwi; Balai Litbang GAKI
dc.creatorAshar, Hadi; Balai Litbang GAKI
dc.descriptionPENGARUH SUPLEMENTASI GANDA IODIUM DAN ZAT BESI (Fe) TERHADAP KADAR TSH, fT4, T3 DAN FERRITIN ANAK SEKOLAH DASAR   Effect of Iodine and Iron (Fe) Dual Supplementation on The Levels of TSH, fT4, T3 and Ferritin in Primary School Children ABSTRACT Background. Intercorrelations between iodine and iron (Fe) on the function of the thyroid gland and the status of iron (Fe) affects the effectiveness of Iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) prevention and anemia programs. Communities group prone to nutritional problems are school age children who are in growth period. Objective. This study aims to compare the effect of iodine iron (I+Fe) double supplementation with single supplementation of iodine (I) and single supplementation of iron (Fe) on the function of the thyroid gland and the status of iron (Fe). Method. The study was a randomized double-blind controlled trial. Provision of interventions done by randomization with block permutations dividing study subjects into four groups: Iodine+iron (I+Fe) dual supplement group, iodine (I) only supplement group, iron (Fe) only suplement group and placebo group. Subjects were primary school children aged 9-12 years. Interventions conducted for 13 weeks and thyroid function measured by serum levels of TSH, fT4 and T3, while the iron status based on ferritin levels. Results. Supplementation of Iodine and Iron can increase ferritin and T3 levels, while supplementation of I+FeI, I or Fe can increase levels of fT4 although it is not statistically significant. Ancova showed there is a mechanism of mutual influence between ferritin, fT4 and T3. Conclusion. There is no differences between dual supplementation of iodine and iron with single supplementation of iodine or iron in alteration of ferritin, TSH, fT4, and T3 serum. Keywords: iodine, iron, supplementation.   ABSTRAK Latar belakang. Interkorelasi antara iodium dan zat besi (Fe) terhadap fungsi kelenjar tiroid dan status zat besi (Fe) mempengaruhi efektifitas program penanggulangan Gangguan Akibat Kekurangan Iodium (GAKI) dan anemia. Kelompok masyarakat yang rawan terhadap kedua masalah gizi tersebut adalah anak usia sekolah yang sedang dalam masa pertumbuhan. Tujuan. Analisis ini bertujuan untuk membandingkan pengaruh suplementasi ganda iodium zat besi (Fe) dengan suplementasi tunggal iodium dan suplementasi tunggal zat besi (Fe) terhadap fungsi kelenjar tiroid dan status zat besi (Fe). Metode. Desain penelitian adalah randomized double blind contolled trial. Pemberian intervensi dilakukan dengan cara randomisasi dengan blok permutasi yang membagi partisipan penelitian ke dalam 4 kelompok yaitu kelompok suplementasi ganda iodium+zat besi (I+Fe), kelompok suplementasi tunggal iodium (I), kelompok suplementasi tunggal zat besi (Fe) dan kelompok placebo. Partisipan penelitian adalah anak sekolah dasar umur 9 – 12 tahun. Intervensi dilakukan selama 13 minggu dan fungsi tiroid diukur berdasarkan kadar TSH, fT4 dan T3 serum, sedangkan status besi berdasarkan kadar feritin serum. Hasil. Pemberian suplementasi Iodium dan Fe (I+Fe) dapat meningkatkan kadar feritin dan T3. Pemberian suplementasi Fe+I, I atau Fe dapat meningkatkan kadar fT4 walaupun secara statistik tidak bermakna. Uji ancova menunjukkan adamekanisme saling mempengaruhi antara feritin, fT4 dan T3. Kesimpulan. Tidak ada perbedaan nyata antara suplementasi ganda iodium zat besi (Fe) dengan suplementasi tunggal iodium atau zat besi (Fe) terhadap perubahan ferritin, TSH, fT4, dan T3 serum. Kata kunci: iodium, zat besi, suplementasi.en-US
dc.publisherBalai Penelitian dan Pengembangan Gangguan Akibat Kekurangan Iodiumen-US
dc.rightsMedia Gizi Mikro Indoesia (MGMI) Journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supporting a greater global exchange of knowledge.All articles published Open Access will be immediately and permanently free for everyone to read and download.  We are continuously working with our author communities to select the best choice of license options, currently being defined for this journal as follows:• Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY-SA)The Authors submitting a manuscript do so on the understanding that if accepted for publication, copyright of the article shall be assigned to MGMI Journal and Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan (National Institute of Health Research and Development) as publisher of the journal.  
dc.sourceMedia Gizi Mikro Indonesia; Vol 6, No 2 (2015); 87-100id-ID
dc.sourceMedia Gizi Mikro Indonesia; Vol 6, No 2 (2015); 87-100en-US
dc.titlePengaruh Suplementasi Ganda Iodium dan Zat Besi (Fe) terhadap Kadar Tsh, Ft4, T3 dan Ferritin Anak Sekolah Dasaren-US

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